1. Use “Look up” and scan  or enter the ticket >>>
  2. Confirm the details are ok >>>
  3. Change the dropdown box to say “Check in” >>>
  4. Click on Go to book the ticket in >>>
  5. Refresh the screen ready for the next customer

If the barcode isn’t showing on an email ask the customer to download images to the email, or ask them to click “View in web browser”. If that doesn’t work, type the barcode in.


1. Refresh the screen before each new customer scan. This will clear the scan box and reset the dropdown to “Look up” .
2. Scan the ticket bar code by clicking on the bar code icon on the keyboard. The messages that appears should read only “Found matched order #(number)”
3. If there is a problem with the system finding the ticket try typing in the barcode.
4. When the scan is successful check the alert message again.
5. If it shows anything other than just “Found matched order #….” there is a problem with the ticket. If it has been checked in previously it will show the ticket has been “Checked in” in addition to the alert message. If so, follow the standard procedure for problems with tickets.

However, if all is ok with the alert message go on to check the ticket details that appear on the screen.

Confirm customer and ticket details are ok

1. Check the event date is for TODAY, check the session is for this SESSION, look at the ticket type and PEOPLE numbers.
2. Ask the visitor for their postcode or for some other information (order number perhaps, if the address isn’t showing) on the screen to confirm the correct ticket has been selected.
3. Compare the information shown on the screen against the information you are presented with by the customer. Eg. Name, postcode (if showing).
4. Count the number of people on the ticket showing on the screen and confirm that is the same number as in the visitor group.
5. If all is ok, continue. If not, then follow the standard procedure for issues with tickets.

1. If all is ok, select “Check in” from the dropdown box and press on the “Go” button.
2. The alert message will change to read “Customer has checked in” and the “Checked in” message will appear.
3. Refresh the screen after each successful check in.

Note 1: If you do not select “Look up” (or refresh the screen) before scanning a ticket this will instantly check the ticket in without giving you the opportunity to confirm all the details are correct.

Note 2: If the alert message reads ”Customer has already checked in” you are attempting to check in a ticket that has previously been checked in, however that should have been already noticed at the initial “LOOK UP” stage.

[scan_barcode action=”lookup”]